How much can I earn on Models-Partner.com?
Our affiliate program offers you a commission of 50% from initial sales and lifetime rebills. In other words you will get 50% revenue share from whole turnover that your customer generates on our sites.
How long do you store cookies on your sites?

To provide lifetime rebills we do not work with cookies to track sales. You send a visitor through affiliate links that you can get from our affiliate panel. Your visitor will be saved under your affiliate ID (cmp=XXXXX) in our database once and forever.

You can only benefit from this way of tracking customers, because also if your user will come back in few years and pay - you will get your commission. The other advantage is that it doesn't matter that your user can come from other site some months later, he will be always counted as your customer.

Why should I affiliate your sites and not the big affiliate networks?
  1. The more content you have on your site the better is the conversion. That's why it's better to work with many different affiliate networks to provide variety of content. Our experince shows that as more different content you have on your site as better the general conversion on sponsors. So you are welcome to work with all partners you would like.

  2. The bigger the affiliate network the more other affiliates use the same promotional material as you. Visitors who come to your site already saw the content somewhere else - this leads to bad conversion. Working with smaller affiliate programs like we have will bring you additional benefit through absolutely new and never saw content. The reason is that we do not have such big affiliate database as other bigger affiliate programs have.

What promotinal material you offer?

We offer promo tools for each type of site you can have. In our affiliate panel you will be able to get Free Hosted Galleries that you can use for your blog or traffic generated scripted site. Additionally you can generate an RSS feed for each model - these feeds are useful for rotators to grab content automatically. You will be able to choose one of dozen banners available for each model.

If you would like to get any new promo tool that is not available at the moment, do not hesitate and let us know about your wish!

How can I get paid with earned commission?

In normal cases we make payouts always in the beginning of the month for the previous month. Big affiliates with large amount of sales we offer a payout each 2 weeks. You can contact us on any time and we can discuss the payout cycle.

Payouts will be fulfilled through PayPal, Webmoney or Wire. Please consider that Wire is possible for payouts more than 500 USD. All other payment methods have no minimal payout amount. The method can be chosen in affiliate panel.

If you wish to work with us but you would like to get money in any other way, please contact us and we can discuss the alternatives.